Vilpra Industries confronted a significant digital challenge marked by an outdated website and a restrictive custom CMS, hindering content updates and stifling design creativity.


Our approach involved a comprehensive transformation, adopting WordPress for flexible content management, introducing an intuitive design, incorporating an E-catalog for product showcasing, and implementing a multilingual interface for global accessibility.


UX/UI Design, Custom web design, WordPress development, WordPress maintenance

Process and Strategy

The strategic process involved a careful transition from the outdated custom CMS to the dynamic capabilities of WordPress. Our team collaborated closely, weaving innovation into every design decision. The introduction of an E-catalog and multilingual features was part of a meticulous strategy to enhance user experience and align with Vilpra Industries’ global aspirations.


The results were transformative – Vilpra Industries gained autonomy in content management, the user experience was elevated, and the global reach expanded. The website became a dynamic representation of the company’s values, fostering stronger connections with stakeholders and positioning Vilpra Industries as a digitally progressive brand.

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